Permitting and Planning Services 

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Our goal is to provide efficient, quality service year-round. With a strong background in planning and development, Jen acts as a facilitator and liaison, working with all types of clients - home and property owners, architects, builders, government agencies, lawyers, engineers and realtors among them. Projects range from research to permit approvals and are completed by addressing the complex issues of land use policy, development and the permit process.  She will attend meetings, make presentations and get your project through the municipal system as quickly as possible.

You should have someone on your side who has a good relationship and familiarity with local agencies and the process. Let us navigate the process for you as it is the most effective way to ensure that permits arrive as quickly as possible. Regular work is done with Town, Village and County agencies, Town Boards and Departments of Building, Planning, Environmental and Architectural Review and Suffolk County Department of Health Services.  


  • Deed Search

  • Land Use and Zoning Analysis

  • Building & Demolition Permits

  • Certificate of Occupancy

  • Variances

  • Wetlands Permits

  • NYS DEC Applications

  • Health Department Applications

  • Septic Improvement Program - new sanitary systems

  • Change of Use or Tenancy

  • Rental Permits

  • Revegetation Plans

Please contact us for a baseline analysis of existing conditions before or after your purchase of a property. If you are looking to sell your property, we can obtain any of the building permits and updated certificates of occupancy that are required for the sale.

Contact Jen Corazzo for more information at or 631-527-5330.